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RiskEase 1.62 Update (for all RiskEase Versions 1.0 through to 1.61)

Note: This is a comprehensive upgrade for all versions of RiskEase released (from 1.0 to 1.61).  You do not need to download and install other patch files first in order to upgrade to 1.62 from any version.

What's new in Release 1.62 (as compared to Version 1.61)

  • Fixed links to website and email in the "About RiskEase" menu option that were sometimes causing an error in Excel.

What's new in Release 1.61 (as compared to Version 1.6)

  • Fixed bug that ignored Options setting and always adjusted RVT column width.

What's new in Release 1.6 (as compared to Version 1.52)

    The most comprehensive fixing of all reported and other bugs with RiskEase.  The most notable of these are:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Excel to hang when a sheet was deleted.

  • Fixed a number of ghosting issues that were causing some screens not to refresh properly.

  • Corrected an error causing the Reports module from functioning properly in some instances.

  • Improved error checking in various modules.

What's new in Release 1.52 (as compared to Version 1.51)

  • Fixes bugs with the automatic loading of the Invest.xla module when "Investment Analysis Toolpak" links are present in the loaded workbook.  Note: first load RiskEase and then the user workbook. RiskEase will open all relevant links if present in the workbook.

  • Fixes minor bugs.

What's new in Release 1.51 (as compared to Version 1.5)

  • Fixes bug that prevented some Windows XP users from accessing "Print" sub-menu.

What's new in Release 1.5 (as compared to Version 1.3)

  • Provides further Windows XP and Office XP compatibility.

  • Fixes some minor bugs found in previous versions.

What's new in Release 1.3 (as compared to previous versions)

  • Provides improved Windows XP and Office XP compatibility.

  • Fixes some minor bugs found in previous versions.

And Includes all fixes implemented in Version 1.1 and 1.2 updates:

  • Improved handling of international number formats.
    This addresses a known issue that affects Analysis charts when country settings are set to Greek.

  • Optional wrapping of long Model Result names in SRT's.
    There is now an additional check box in the Calculation tab of the Options menu. If you have very long Model Result names and have selected to adjust SRT column widths automatically, you can select this option to avoid generating extremely wide SRT columns.

  • Automatic resizing of all cell comments inserted by RiskEase.

  • Improved  redirection of links, thus improving compatibility with workbooks created with previous versions of RiskMaster for Windows.

  • Enhanced the automatic redirection of links to Investment Analysis Toolkit (INVEST.XLA).

  • New "Select all" / "Clear All" buttons added to the Model Results selection form for comparative Multi-SRT Analysis.

  • Provided a number of fixes to minor bugs reported by users.

How to install the update

  • Download the update file: RiskEase_Update162.exe (Windows executable) (819 KB).

  • Locate the downloaded file and run it by double-clicking on its name.

  • Note that the first time you run RiskEase 1.62, it will ask you for a serial number.  Enter the number from the label on your RiskEase CD envelope.  You may also be prompted whether you would like to overwrite "Read Only" files.  Answer Yes and proceed with the patch.




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