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RiskEase is a Microsoft Excel™ add-in program that provides risk analysis to spreadsheet models. RiskEase is useful in dealing with uncertainty in forecasting models or any other quantitative models in which some data values are uncertain. RiskEase can have many applications such as in project appraisal, marketing forecasts, business planning, econometrics, financial budgeting, project management and in many other fields in which relationships that are based on uncertain variables are modelled to facilitate and enhance the decision-making process.

Latest version is RiskEase for Windows 1.62
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Download a demo of RiskEase (3.0 MB), or
Click on the following link to view the RiskEase demonstration online (setup duration 10-20 minutes).

RiskEase is a state of the art risk analysis program, which was originally developed under the name “RiskMaster for DOS” and “RiskMaster for Windows” for the Harvard University Program in Investment Appraisal and Management and has been used since 1987 by many reputable institutions around the world as part of their training courses in cost-benefit analysis. RiskEase builds upon the successful design of its predecessors and adds a host of new features that enhance both functionality and ease of use. Some of these are: 

Easy to use point-and-click interface.
Complete sensitivity analysis module. 
Powerful user interface for editing probability distributions with instant real-time display. 
Ability to bend, truncate and apply correlation conditions to probability distributions. 
Capability to fit probability distributions to user provided data. 
Probability distribution library. 
Optimization within simulation. 
Enhanced analysis module capable of comparing multiple simulation results. 
Ability to use the software in “real options” situations. 
Built-in report generator enabling the generation of professional reports. 
Many other features such as the use of default distributions, new chart formatting options
Annotation features and context sensitive on-line help.

The user manual gives details of all the commands and functions available. A paper describing the theory of risk analysis is appended to the manual. RiskEase requires a Windows computer running Microsoft Office Excel 1997, 2000 or XP.


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