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Please note that RiskMaster for Windows has been totally superseded by the latest version of RiskEase and we have therefore decided to discontinue its sales.  Existing customers of RiskMaster for Windows are encouraged to upgrade their software to RiskEase using the special offer in our Electronic Store.

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RiskEase RiskMaster for Windows - discontinued
RiskEase is a software program that provides risk analysis capability to worksheet models. It is a powerful tool that helps you evaluate the effect of uncertainty on anything that you can model as an Excel spreadsheet. It helps you define probability distributions to express the possible variation around the key variables of the model and uses the Monte Carlo simulation technique to calculate the impact of uncertainty on the model's key outputs. Besides detailed statistical measures, RiskEase's output includes a wealth of customizable graphs and reports that can provide valuable insight into your project's risks and opportunities. RiskMaster for Windows is a Microsoft Excel add-in program that provides risk analysis capability to user spreadsheets. RiskMaster for Windows is useful in dealing with uncertainty in forecasting models, or in any other quantitative models in which some data values are uncertain. RiskMaster was originally developed for the Harvard University Program on Investment Appraisal and Management and has been used since 1987 by the Harvard Institute for International Development as part of its training courses in cost-benefit analysis. RiskMaster for Windows builds upon the successful design of RiskMaster for DOS and adds a host of features which enhance both functionality and ease of use.
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